PAWS/LA and DTLA Proud join forces

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People and Pets… better together.

PAWS/LA was founded in 1989 in response to the extreme need for animal care assistance by people financially and physically debilitated by HIV/AIDS. Since that time, the agency has expanded its scope to serve low-income seniors and people disabled with life threatening illnesses.

Many of us in DTLA are pet owners and could not imagine going through something where we could not take care of our children. We believe in their mission and want to show our support. At the Block Party we will be hosting interactive carnival games with a suggested donation. This will provide you an opportunity to donate money that will go directly to PAWS/LA. DTLA Proud has also pledged to match your donations (up to $5,000) to help keep people and their pets together.

PAWS/LA Impact

  • 40 tons of pet food provided*
  • 1,800 animals assisted*
  • 1,127 veterinarian visits provided*
  • 1,070 people served
  • 105 active volunteers
  • 16,375 service hours*
    They provide a comprehensive range of services, including veterinary care, pet food & supplies, and assistance for homebound clients, such as dog walking, pet food delivery and pet transport. PAWS/LA protects the human-animal bond.

PAWS/LA will also have a booth for you to visit to learn about them, their mission, and to hear some wonderful stories about the impact they have on our communities.

The Block Party, Carnival Games, Community Booths, Entertainment and Interactive Art will be free to enjoy, but we ask that you think of those who are not able to join us, and help us keep them and their pets together.

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